Toxic Spider
M34 0
Location Spider Cave
Abilities Poison bolt(3By3)
Exp 35
Other Info
Recommended LVL 8-9
Loot Copper coins, Bronze Dagger, Small Health Potion, Small Man Potion, Spider Poison, Spider Eggs
Toxic spiders are a medium strength and tricky enemies. They do low damage with their hits and medium damage over time with their poison. Because of this poison fighting with spider will cost you a good amount of hp even when you will be able to kill it rather fast.

Where to findEdit

Spiders live in the cave south-west of the Green Leaf village. There is also a second spider area on far-north group of islands.


Try to one-hit spider to avoid being poisoned. Alternatively you can trick spider to pursue and attack you physically but this is not reliable. Healing potions are recommended so you can quickly restore your health if needed.