The World

When you start the game, you enter the world of Blue Saga. You see some tabs at the very top of the screen. You also see the health of your character at the top left corner. As you progress throught the game, your level increases. You gain exp from killing monsters like the larva at the start. And as you start to explore the world of Blue Saga you start to encounter tougher enemies, new towns and much more. And these areas are all part of the world in Blue Saga. The map in Blue Saga is being updated and worked on, so do not worry if you can't find your way around the world in Blue Saga; there are people to help you along the way as you adventure through this world.

Area's of the World

The World is divided into three Parts: The starting area Greeny Lands, the barren dry Sandy Lands south of the Greeny Lands and the Snowy Lands in the very north. each of these parts is divided into regions that will get displayed with overlaying banners as soon as you enter a new region. Chompa Island is the starting region for all players. And in each region there are places like houses or dungeons. The Chompa's Inn as example is the starting place.

Greeny Lands

Sandy Lands

Snowy Lands

World maps

World Map By: Ging and Wayne

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