Snowy Lands

Nord - gesamt.png
This is a map of the old landscape of The North - before settlers build a village that made Snowcreeps agressive

The Snowy Lands are the most northern area of the world of Blue Saga with a Cold landscape covered with ice, snow and a neverending snowfall. It is also the only place where players can get the only consumeable ability scroll in this game so far: The Snowball.


The ground in Snowy Lands is almost completely covered with white snow, snowy trees, some leafeless trees and barrels whose can contain collectible Snowballs. The water of the Snowy Lands offers aside the common big rocks also some frozen ice cells that can neither be boarded on nor be shipped through by boat and offer the function as blocking obstacles. Additionally to the surface the Snowy Lands have a neverending snowfall that creates a calm but also cold atmosphere which is underlined by peaceful hedhogs crawling around.

Regions of Snowy Lands

  • The North
  • (A randome city whose name I don't know)
  • (maybe a mountain? not sure if it is an own region)


  • Copper (in barrels)
  • Snowballs (in Barrels)
  • (Luna Flowers?)


Once upon a time the Snowy Lands had only once region: The North. In this time there was nothing but a few Ice caves and the Safehouse - the place where the Coldbringer job can be aquired. There was not a single enemy on the whole ground part before crossing the first cave. The only Inhabitants were Hedhogs which peaceful little beeings and an Assassine-Cult whose purpose is unknown. All that we knew about this cult was that they have to forget their real names while entering.

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