Morwyn - gesamt

a map of old Morwyn where no direct connection to he Emerald Seas did exist

The Sandy Lands is the part of the world of Blue Saga that lies south-east to the Greeny Lands and is directly connected to it.

Landscape Edit

(to be added)

Regions of Sandy Lands Edit

  • Morwyn City
  • Ludus Island
  • Crimson Sea
  • Carapace Island
  • Mount Morwyn

Gatherables Edit

  • Copper (in Barrels)
  • Picco Berries

Trivia Edit

Once upon a time Necro Goblins were powerful enough to spawn in night but survive the daylight making them still run around below the sun.This was also the time when the Sandy lands and the Greeny Lands were not directly connected. In order to reach the Sandy Lands you could not avoid a long trip through the water cave where now the Outlaw Harbour got build above..

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