The Undead Threat
Location Chompa Island
NPC Innkeeper Llgith
Recommended Level Unknown
Objective Kill Goul Rat
Reward  250 XP

The undead threat  is a level 5+ quest given to the player by Innkeeper Ilgith After you have completed the quest Beatle Burger


"Now that your strength is fully restored and you've proven yourself, maybe you can help me with something more serious."

"Lately the undead has appeared on the northern side of  out island. They are spreading like a plague."

"We used to have a cemetery there, but who would have thought the dead would come back to life and haunt us."

"At night, you can hear a terrifying roar from the deep within this big crypt, please, help us get rid of the threat that resides there!"

"I will give you a health potion to help you on you adventure."

"If you defeat whatever is living there, I will reward you with a raft so you can leave this island."

  • Once your ready head North of the beatle cave.
  • You will run into the cemetery and more North the Chompa Crypt.
  • Once in here the you are looking for the monster Goul Rat in ???
  • Once you've found him and killed him return to Ilgith.

"I can't belive it! You did it!"

"Hopefully the undead will dissapear from this island, but... what is that on you chest?"

"So you've been marked as well..."

"To be honest with you , you aren't the only one I've sent to try and defeat the undead in the cyript."

"Sadly all of you have been cursed by one of the Lords of Death."

"That is the mark of "Nimbul", a fearsome lord that works on its own even Death has no control over it."

"I'm sorry I tricked you, but I had no choice, we need warriors against this threat."

Quest Complete

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