Quest 4

Pick fruits is a level 1+ quest given to the player by Innkeeper Ilgith After you have completed the quest Eating and Resting


"Now that you know how to fight, you will need to know how to get food in order to restore health and mana after battles."

"As I told you food will give you health and mana regain that help restore your health and mana when resting."

"I have some oranga bushes outside my house, I used to tend the garden myself but these days my jelly back has stiffened..."

"Would you please go outside and collect three juicy orangas from my graden?"

  • Go outside and pick a few Orangas .
  • Once done Return to Ilgith.

"Thank you so much! I'll keep these for the dish that I'm preparing for you. Now we just need some meat.."

Quest Complete.

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