Quest 5

Beetle Burger is a level 1+ quest given to the player by Innkeeper Ilgith After you have completed the quest Pick Fruits.


"Larva-soup tastes great! but you need REAL food if you are to get back your full stength."

"Ruby Scarabs are rare creatures but rumor has it that some have been seen deep in the cave to the west of here."

"Try to get some Ruby Scarab Meat so I can prepare you a Beetle Burger ."

"I will give you a health potion for this task."

"Just use it by right-clicking on it in your inventory or action bar."

  • Head out of the house and keep running past the Larva Lair.
  • A little north of there you will find a cave opening, this is the Beetle Cave
  • Go in and you will have to find your way to the second floor to find and start fighting the Ruby Scarabs.
  • Once you have all the Ruby Scarab Meat you need leave and return for Ilngith.

"Wow, you found a Ruby Scarab Meat! And you actually defeated it!"

"You have a gift for this kind of thing!"

"Let me prepare that burger for you!"

Quest Complete!

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