Fishing is a good way to get Eatable resources such as food, that can be eaten in order to regain health and magic.

How to fishEdit

Fishing is done by equiping a fishing rod. You also need to use the ability called Float Fishing. You can find it in the ability tab. A good practice is to have it in your action bar. Activate the ability and then click on water tile nearby, you can se on the crosshair if it is in your range.

Different fishes have different catch chances, so be prepared for when a fish appears. When the fish appears, quickly right click on it in order to grab it. If successful, the fish will be added to your inventory.

Different catchesEdit

You can eat them to regain health and mana and the catches give diffrent amounts of regeneration.

Fish Bones

Blue Fish

Blow Fish

Horn Fish

Different fishing rodsEdit

All Fishing Rods are two handed.

Name ATK SPD Image
Twig Rod -30
Fishing Stick -30
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