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Welcome to the Blue Saga Wiki

On this site you will find information about anything related to the free indie mmorpg Blue Saga. The wiki is newly created so if you find any information missing, feel free to fill in the gaps! The game is under constant development, with new updates coming frequently. So the information on these pages might not be updated to describe the current version of the game correctly.

About the game

Blue Saga is a free indie (massive, perhaps not yet =D ) multiplayer online role-playing game (mmorpg) set in a pirate themed fantasy world with featuring retro pixel art graphics.

The game can be downloaded from its official website

The game features a gigantic world to explore, both by land and sea. There is 2 people developing this game at the moment but updates are coming frequently (every monday).

The main inspiration sources for the game are: Zelda, Pokémon, TIbia, Dark Souls, and One Piece and amongst others, but more games are added into the mix as the developer makes progress.

Main categories

Here is a list of the main categories on this wiki. New categories will be created, so edit this list as the wiki grows.

The World







Buffs, Debuffs, and Resistances

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